As a coach, we are always searching for those [tag]softball practice drills[/tag] that make a difference with our teams.   These drills are for your younger players.   Simple but so important to teach.

Batting: Both hands should be held at the shoulder with the bat an inch above the shoulder, that way the bat is close to level/slightly raised/hits down on [tag]softball[/tag] and therefore hands and thus the bat gets to the ball quickly.

Cutoffs:   Always throw the ball to the glove side/chest high with the glove side of the player receiving the ball turned sideways to advance the ball the fastest to the next target.   This eliminates spinning, rotating the body and having to get the body in position to throw after receiving the ball from another player.

Doing this correctly saves valuable seconds in relay throws.   Both the initial player throwing and the player receiving the first throw must execute their responsibilities correctly in an effort to throw out runners.

Chin touching Shoulder: I’ve noticed a lot of kids from over the years pulling their heads off the ball and that takes their eyes off their target,which isn’t going to help them hit the ball. So simply have them keep the chin tucked into the shoulder; it really helps to keep the eyes on target and hits will start to pile up!