One of my subscribers actually suggested this idea for [tag]softball practice drills[/tag].   Try out this end of practice competition and notice immediate improvements in your team!Softball Practice Drills

From David…
Here’s my girls’ favorite [tag]softball drill[/tag]:

You split your team into 3 equal groups:   one at 3rd base with their gloves, one at 2nd base with their gloves and one group at home plate with their helmets on.

You place 3 [tag]softball[/tag]s on the 3rd base line about 5 feet towards home plate.
On my “go”, the runner starts running and tries to make it to 2nd base before the player on 3rd can pick up the balls, one at a time, and successfully throw them to the player on 2nd.   If the runner gets to second before the player on second base catches all three balls while touching the bag then the team at home plate gets a point.

You then rotate the players until all the runners have had a chance and then you rotate teams until one team gets to 10 or 15 or however long the girls want to play.

I run this drill at the end of [tag]softball practice[/tag] and they always leave with a good feeling.