Looking for some fresh ideas for [tag]softball practice drills[/tag]?   You’ve come to the right place!   Try out this idea below and let me know how it goes for you.

Here is a [tag]softball drill[/tag] that seems to work with my varsity [tag]softball[/tag] team. It helps with fielding and with conditioning.Softball Practice Drills

This is a partner drill–each partner has a ball. They stand about 5 feet apart and in a ready fielding position, butt down, glove to the ground. Each partner takes 2 steps to their right. Now they are at a diagonal to each other. Simultaneously they roll a grounder straight in front of them to the empty space. At the same time each partner shuffles to the grounder, fields it, and rolls another grounder back to the spot in front of them. They continue shuffling to the ball and fielding and rolling grounders.

I time them for 3 minutes, take a breather and do it again. They have to work hard during the 3 minutes or I add a minute. They really have to keep down and shuffle quickly to the ball and get in front of it before it goes by them. It also gets them in shape.

I don’t know what to call it exactly, but they know when it is coming. They like it, but it is tiring!