Often it is the simple [tag]softball practice drills[/tag] and tips that work the best.   These are tried and true suggestions to make your [tag]softball practice[/tag]s effective and fun and that is the goal of all softball coaches.

Kids hate to run, so we make a race out of it.   I get two kids, close in speed and agility.   I start the first one at home and have her run the bases as fast as she can.   Then I start the second player about 15 ft. behind the first one tell her to try and catch the other runner.   It works and the kids love it.   They run faster and come across home plate laughing.   Simple but effective.

Here is another fun [tag]softball drill[/tag] we use at the end of practices. The players form 2 lines. A [tag]softball[/tag] is placed at the foot of each line. Two more softballs are placed approximately 40′ away from them. (This is all on grass). The players are then given instructions on the drill:
Pickup the ball with left hand, run karioke to the second ball, popup slide, drop first ball, pickup second ball with right hand, full sprint back, full slide, hand ball to teammate.

You can mix up the variations to make it interesting and to see who is paying attention and how they are sliding. As each player completes her turn, she kneels until everyone has had their turn. My kids look forward to this at the end of practice. It gets their competitive juices flowing and they all root their teammates on.