One of my favorite [tag]softball practice drills[/tag] is the half-size field backup drill.

The set up for this [tag]softball drill[/tag] goes like this. Make 2nd base on the pitchers mound, bring in 1st and 3rd halfway, and have the outfielders stand on the edge of the grass/infield.

Give the kids a scenario (man on 1st, 1 out) and then roll the ball to a player.   Everyone else should be moving to a spot – either covering a base or backing someone up.   This gets the players thinking about where the [tag]softball[/tag] may go, where the bad throws would end up, and the geometry of the backup (get in line with the thrower and receiver, and stay 15 ft back to have a good chance of backing up the play).

I also divide my kids into even teams and have them do infield as a contest. I hit the grounders. The kids on one side try to beat them out, each “safe” is a point, each “out” is a point for the other side.

Kids love competition, and this also puts a runner into an [tag]infield softball drill[/tag], adding some pressure.