These are [tag]softball practice drills[/tag] that have worked well for my kids.   This one is an infield [tag]softball drill[/tag] that works on accuracy as well as conditioning.

Start with a player on 1st, one on 2nd and the rest of the team form a line at 3rd. The [tag]softball coach[/tag] hits the ball to 3rd who then throws to 2nd who throws to 1st who throws home. Each fielder follows the throw and must be ready when the [tag]softball[/tag] is hit to the next player in line at 3rd. The player on 1st runs behind home plate to 3rd and gets in line.

After a few warm up rounds we then have a contest. You are eliminated by either a fielding error at 3rd or a throwing error to any base. Once you get down to three players the player on first must sprint directly to 3rd and be ready to field the ball. With 2 players left we sprint from 3rd to 2nd until the last player is standing error free.