Here is one of our favorite [tag]softball practice drills[/tag] I call “square up and throw”.   This [tag]softball drill[/tag] will work your team AND the coaches!!

Have your [tag]softball[/tag] team split up evenly and have the assistant [tag]softball coach[/tag] take half the team.
Have each half line up in single file about 30 yards in front of you.
Have one player step about 10 yard in front of the others.
The coaches will either roll a ground ball, throw a line drive or a pop up.

As the player fields the softball the coaches run to a different spot so that the player has to field the ball and square up to the coach, having to judge the distance to make a good throw.   The coach can run all around the player and even make the player have to adjust their throw by going further back or closer to the player.

Then just repeat the process for the rest of the team!!   It’s a great drill and is a lot of fun!!