These are great [tag]softball practice drills[/tag] for keeping the competitive juices going and working on fielding and throwing accuracy. Obviously we call this the “Bucket Drill”.   Our girls love this [tag]softball drill[/tag] and don’t want to stop!

Split the team into to equal groups with one group lined up at short stop and the other group at 2nd.   Stack two buckets one on top of the other on home plate.

Coach will start the competition on the left side hitting ground balls to each of the players one at a time.   The player then makes a throw home trying to hit the bucket.   The player gets 3 points for knocking the top bucket off, 2 points for hitting either bucket in the air, and one point for hitting either bucket on a bounce.

Go through all of the players at short stop and total points.   Follow the same for the players at second base.   Now players switch positions and continue the [tag]softball[/tag] drill.

We usually say the first team to 15 points wins depending upon the time you want to spend on this drill.   As players develop throwing accuracy it actually goes pretty quick.

This [tag]softball throwing drill[/tag] encourages the girls to charge the ball (shorter throw to home) and they figure that out pretty quick!   As they develop in their skills, we incorporate good fielding by subtracting 1 point for not fielding the ball properly.