Here are two of my favorite [tag]softball practice drills[/tag].   One I call “throw and follow” and the second I call the “cut drill”.   These [tag]softball drills[/tag] are great for overall conditioning and warm-ups.

I have a player stand on all four bases.   The rest of the players line up at shortstop.   I hit the softball to the shortstop who throws to the player on first. The SS runs to first to play that position.   The player on first throws to the player on 2B and runs to cover second base.   The player at second throws to the player on 3B and runs to cover third,   The player at third throws home and runs to cover home.   The player at home runs to the end of the line at SS.

Another favorite [tag]softball drill[/tag] is what I call the “cut drill”.   I have the players stand in a line 4 deep, 20 feet apart.   The first in line throws to the second player, as the second player yells “cut”, and holds his hands up to give the thrower a target.   As the second player catches the [tag]softball[/tag], he turns to his glove side and throws to the third player, who is yelling “cut” and giving a target.   The third player does the same to the fourth player.   After 4 times up and back, I move them to 30 feet. After four more times, I move them to 40 feet.

Feel free to alter the length of the throw to accommodate the appropriate age and skill of the players.