Here are 2 [tag]softball practice drills[/tag] that work great for all ages, especially high school teams.

Drill 1–Put 4 players at each base.   Start at home and throw to each base and sweep as you go.   Do this twice around.
The girls are taught to make crisp strong throws as well as moving to the [tag]softball[/tag] if off the mark to get in front of it to make the sure catch.   Then do the same thing, and the girls follow their throws by sprinting to the bag.   This brings running into the equation as well as throwing and catching.

Drill 2 –The other [tag]softball drill[/tag] that works is a combo on infield and outfield. Start off with a girl on 2nd and 3rd and the other girls lined up on the left field line.   Each girl in turn will field the ball 3 times in the outfield and 4 times in the infield. Works like this:

Coach hits ball to left player, throws to third, then sprints toward center and catches a fly ball in center and throws in to second; then she sprints to deep right and throws in to the girl playing second as she comes out to cut the ball and throw to third.

When done all rotate, girl on third goes to end of line, girl from second goes to third asnd girl just finishing catching the ball goes to second.   You can do this softball drill the opposite way as well and also involve home and first,