One of the areas that coaches request help with are [tag]softball practice ideas[/tag] for teams with new and experienced players.   Read below for a great suggestion on this topic:

I coach a JV [tag]softball[/tag] team.   We only have 10 players, of which half have nearly no experience of playing before.   One thing I learned right away, is that it’s impossible to get all of them the instruction they need in our 2 hour [tag]softball practice[/tag] session.Softball Practice Ideas

I therefore assigned each player a partner for warm-ups and simple two person [tag]softball drills[/tag].   I paired each experienced player with an inexperienced player.   I have found that this helps the progression with the less experienced player as they get a chance to work with a better player.

The better players have actually helped mentor the lessor players by offering basic tips and help to their partners.   I think this builds character in the the better players, and it also allows the lessor player to improve without really having to be coached.