I am always searching for new [tag]softball practice ideas[/tag] on how to teach and show kids how to play the game.   One [tag]softball drill[/tag] I use is a cut off drill that involves the whole [tag]softball team[/tag].

I have the kids make two lines on each side of home plate and from home plate to center field.   Space them about 60′ (distance can vary) apart and have a contest to see how quickly each line can get the [tag]softball[/tag] from home plate to the center field fence and back to home throwing to each player.

Focus on using the cut off man.   Each player should have their hands up, each thrower should throw to the glove hand and the cut off man should turn to the glove hand side when they throw to the next cutoff guy.

The two lines create a competition and it usually goes pretty well.   You can vary the drill by adding a base runner with only one cut off line.

This ultimately ends the argument from kids as to how good throws are quicker than any runner.