If you’re looking for [tag]softball practice ideas[/tag], here is one that the kids love. This provides good competition amongst teammates & a great way to end [tag]softball practice[/tag] doing sprints with out any complaints!

Hit & Chase
2 teams – 1 hits – 1 chases/fields
2 Chasers start at 1st & 3rd base
1 batter hits a soft toss ball in fair territory but doesn’t have to stay fair or inside the fence.
2 chasers race & field the ball.   1st one there must hand the ball to 2nd chaser and cannot toss or throw.   A underhand toss within 6 feet is okay.

While the [tag]softball[/tag] is being fielded the batter runs as fast around the bases as possible.   If it’s hit over the fence she may run around the bases again after touching home plate until the ball is fielded.

The batter gets a point for each base (single = 1, double = 2, triple = 3, 4 bases = 4, 5 bases = 5 and so on).   She’s “out” once the ball is handed from one chaser to the other. The “inning” / round is over after each batter has hit.   Points are tallied by the team and round.

You can go as many rounds/innings as time or energy allows.