One of my most effective [tag]softball practice ideas[/tag] is to have my players act as the coaches.   Through out the [tag]softball[/tag] season I have intersquad scrimmages and/or situational plays with pitchers, fielders, runners, batters. I have players rotating as the first base, third base and bench coach.

This allows the players to make the calls that we would make in the course of a game. It helps the players see the game from a different view. It really opens their eyes to the little things that we pick up in the course of the game. They then are able to use things during actual games.

There is one [tag]softball drill[/tag] that I don’t do offend enough, but the girls love it. Base stealing and learning how to slide. Every drill focuses on catching, throwing, etc. Sometimes these get boring and the girls want more.

Here is a trick I use to get my softball players to slide properly:

Get into a three (3) point stance like you would in football. Kick your right/left leg out in front landing on your rear-end.
Hands in the air like you’re signaling for a touch-down. I explain and show the kids so they get the proper form.
This teaches the proper approach and slide form.