Softball Practice IdeasDennis, one of my subscribers, came up with this great suggestion for [tag]softball practice ideas[/tag]. It’s an idea that will liven things up quite a bit in your [tag]softball practices[/tag]. Keep ‘em coming!

With my high school [tag]softball[/tag] team I practice pitching, baserunning, and defense simultaneously. The pitcher gets signs from the catcher and works on all their pitches, speeds and locations.   The baserunners practice getting off the bag on the release.   I have the next runner get in line with the bag and pitcher and give feedback i.e.” you’re late,early ,perfect” etc.   The runners act just like they would in a game.

I   this call “lead and read“.   Run if it is a wild pitch or pass ball.   They have to also read the runner(s) in front of them.   The 3rd component is I have the catcher call pitchouts and pickoffs to practice this aspect of softball defense, and it keeps the runners heads up just like a game.

You can have girls at every base to involve more people or just use 1st and second or 1st and 3rd.   I also mix it up and give signs such as steal or delayed steal.   Our defense changes signs as we rotate runners and infielders which is good in case our signs get picked up in a game.   Hope this helps someone.