These [tag]softball practice ideas[/tag] can look a little disorganized, but I guarantee your team will love it and they will be warmed up and ready to play [tag]softball[/tag].Softball Practice Ideas

A quick warm up [tag]softball drill[/tag] to get the team running and stretching before a game or practice. Instead of a light run around the field and everyone in a circle counting as they stretch out, go in the outfield and place 4 balls in a 60′ square, marking the corners or out of bounds.

Purchase an inexpensive set of flag football belts and line the girls on the boundaries outside the square.   At any signal you give, all girls must enter the circle and try to pull their teammates’ flags off until you have a winner. The game lasts approximately 3-4 minutes, the girls are warm, stretched and ready to play. The winner, the second, and third place girls are the captains for the start of that game.   (This works great with 10s and 12s.)