Mike and Suzy came up with some great suggestions covering [tag]softball practice infield outfield[/tag]. Keep ‘em coming!Softball Practice Infield Outfield

From Mike…
Here’s a [tag]softball drill[/tag] I use quite successfully.

Slow Roller: Line up players three deep at the second base position and hit slow rollers to their left.

The players try to field the [tag]softball[/tag] (one handed pick with glove ) and under hand toss to 1b. After those 1st three have fielded three slow rollers then I have a runner (usually my fastest girl).

It’s funny how introducing a runner changes everything but after the first time with a runner the girls start to settle down and make better plays. We will do this until the fielders have thrown the runner out at least twice.

I repeat this drill with each position once I discover the girl’s arm strength. If a girl is quick and strong from second then I’ll see if she can handle the same drill from SS then third.

From Suzy…
A drill that my younger girls enjoy is called “Freeze”. With girls in their positions the [tag]softball coach[/tag] hits the ball to a player, and anytime in the process of fielding, throwing or catching will yell “FREEZE”. The players all freeze like statues and you can see if everyone is moving with the play of the ball. The girls love getting caught in the right position and are able to see when they are not.

Great for teaching that everyone moves on every play of the ball.