During off season our [tag]softball practice plans[/tag] focus on conditioning drills.   These are just two that are quick and effective.   We especially like the ones that can be moved indoors when weather is not in our favor.

[tag]Softball Throwing Drill[/tag]–The purpose of this [tag]softball drill[/tag] is for conditioning and to evaluate throwing accuracy while being tired.

  • You will need about 25 balls.
  • Set five up at each infield position.
  • Spread them out about 5 feet apart going towards the out field.
  • Next have each team member go through each position throwing the [tag]softball[/tag] back to home plate.

The end result you will have a better conditioned team and each player will know how accurate they can throw the ball while being tired.

NOTE- You can set up 5 balls at shortstop as well in the same manner.

Indoor Conditioning
When we are conditioning inside I love to use safety cones.   Set them up differently and create short courses for players to run.   You can let your players set up a course too.   Break the players up into teams and time them; best team time wins.