It seems simplistic but one of the best tips I can give for [tag]softball practice plans[/tag] is to use drills that foster team spirit and cohesion.

To keep the players interested in taking their game to the next level is to demonstrate a new [tag]softball drill[/tag] for them.   Run them through it a few times and then the next time they do it, have players run the drill.   The players are then trying to help each other get the most out of the [tag]softball[/tag] drill and they all learn. This has added benefits for all involved as it is also a great way to form team cohesion.

Here is another idea that we like to do–a team drill that we call six or nine, depending on how many outs we decide we want to make.

Put a kid at every position and the [tag]softball coach[/tag] starts hitting the ball, and the kids have to make the plays.   They need to make six or nine consecutive outs without an   error (physical or mental), or they start over at the beginning.

My team loves this drill and they ask for it all the time.