Harold and DeAnn came up with some great [tag]softball practice tips[/tag].   I’ve included them for you below to use with your teams.   Keep ‘em coming!Softball Practice Tips

From Harold…
Her is a really good [tag]softball drill[/tag] to get the girls to use two hands when catching a ball,   After they have warmed up their arms and played “catch” for a while, tell them to continue playing catch….BUT they can only use the BACK of their gloves to catch the [tag]softball[/tag], not the inside.

They are “forced” to use two hands since the glove is now only used to stop the ball, not catch it.   They get frustrated in the beginning, but they “catch on” pretty quickly after that.

From DeAnn…
I am a [tag]softball coach[/tag] of 10 and under girls.   I completed a drill the other day and it was a lot of fun.   I took a trash can at home plate and had girls on 2nd base.   I hit them a ground ball and they had to field it and try to hit the trash can at home plate.   Now, for those girls who placed the ball into the trash can, they could get a surprise after practice.   (No girl actually got the softball into the can, but many were close).

This drill helped them on strengthening their throw and of course accuracy.