I received these suggestions for [tag]softball practice tips[/tag] from Nicole and Shane.   Guaranteed to be effective and fun at the same time!Softball Practice Tips

From Nicole…
My girls love to end [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]practice[/tag] this way.
You set up two teams, one team on second the other at home, the first team to get the other teams home doesn’t pick up the equipment.

I and another [tag]coach[/tag] stand at first and third to make sure each girl touches the base, once the girl from second reaches home her teammate can start running.

From Shane…
A [tag]drill[/tag] I used last season in softball with my girls is one I have not seen before.

We were not [tag]hitting[/tag] well and this drill just popped into my head. I put my jugs machine on 25-30, I place my hitter about 10′ in from of the macine which is hide behind a curtain. My player has a small t-ball bat and is only allowed to use the lead arm. For most of my team, because they are right handed this is the left hand. They swing full at the ball on sight, and for some reason this helped time their hips and hands and we literally had players begin to double their [tag]batting[/tag] averages. Its simple, but it worked.