Many coaches struggle with coming up with fresh ideas for [tag]softball practice[/tag].   Here are a couple of [tag]softball drills[/tag] from my subscribers for coaching younger [tag]softball[/tag] players. Very creative and providing great improvements.Softball Practice Tips

From Ray…
I have a running [tag]softball drill[/tag] I call Catch the Rabbit.

Have a group standing at 2nd base and another group at the homeplate. The object of the game is to teach my 6 and 7 yrs kids on how to run around the bases correctly and to catch the player in front of them.   So the one that
starts on 2nd base runs to third and home and then to first and back 2nd base, and then the next players goes.

The player at home runs to first and then to 2nd and then to 3rd and back to home. The games keeps going till someone gets caught

From Vernett…
Here’s a game I play with young softball players.

I use a large box (appliance size) and cut whole in it about chest high on most players. They must throw 10 balls into the box, first from 5 feet then with increasing distance.

For older kids, I put the box on first base, they field and throw to the box and get one point if they hit the box and two if it goes in. When the box wears out I replace it with another box but the whole is smaller.