This is a [tag]softball sliding[/tag] drill that can be added to the other “feels like” [tag]softball mechanics[/tag], but seems to be somewhat more simple to do on the floor of a gym.   It provides the feeling of what sliding feels like for those who are fearful of   it in the first place.

This is especially easy for older [tag]softball[/tag]   players (girls that are fearful), [tag]softball coach[/tag]es in training, and demonstrators who may be uneasy about performing the bent knee slide on a gym floor.

1) To be done in sock feet.
2) Start in the push-up position.
3) Bring both feet forward through arms
4) Bend one knee up in the process, so side of foot is under the other knee.
5) When your “bottom” is through arms lie down while bringing arms up towards head