One [tag]softball slow pitch[/tag] drill sent to us by Chuck I incorporate into practice and it also involves the parents.   This is an old [tag]softball[/tag] drill that probably everyone uses but incorporating competition between the girls and the parents seems to create by nature a team building experience.   Softball Slow Pitch

One team runs, one team throws.   Usually the girl is head to head with their parent.    

The [tag]drill[/tag] sets up as follows:   Three balls are placed on the ground approximately 3 — 5 feet apart extending from 3rd base towards home plate.   The third ball is approximately half way between third and home.   One team (throwers) will be set up at third base.   The second team will set up at home plate (runners). A [tag]coach[/tag] will set up at second base to receive the throws.  

The object:   At the go signal, the thrower picks up each of the three balls one at a time and throws to second base before the runner from home plate gets to second base.   If all three throws get to second before the runner, the thrower gets a point.   If the runner gets to second before the last ball is received at second, the runner gets a point.   Points are totaled for the team rotation then they switch (runners become throwers and vice versa).   After the switch, one more rotation is played, points are totaled, and then one of the teams is crowned the winner.  

This drill works on several areas of the game such as quick ball pick-up, quick release on the ball, and accuracy for the throwers.   Good [tag]base running[/tag] skill, turns at the bag, and sliding for the runners.   We can have alterations (points taken away for off target throws, runners missing the base on the turn, etc.)   All in all this is fun and seems to really create synergy for the team as well as the parents.