Give these softball speed drills a try to work on speed as well as accuracy with your team.   When you use both of these in a practice you’ll be amazed at the improvements in your players.

1st Base Speed Drill

Two runners at home plate
At the crack of the coach’s bat they run full speed to first base (racing).
One goes through the base.
The other turns towards 2nd.

This drill develops the speed it takes to get though 1st base & turn towards 2nd. There should be little change in speed (no slowing down before getting to base). The degree of getting on 1st is literally fractions of a second.

Another speed drill for throwing hard and accurately on the infield.

4 lines of players on 1st, 2nd, SS, & 3rd.
Two coaches hitting (or throwing) ball from home plate.
Coach hits to 3rd where they field the ball and throw “quickly” to 2nd base (playing in the middle between 1st & 2nd) then both players move to back of the line.
Another coach hits to SS where they field the ball and “quickly” to 1st base then both players move to the back of the line.

The key is speed and hard and   accurate throws.