For many pitchers, the last part is often the toughest to master. Remembering proper wind up technique, how to finish off the pitch properly, and every other little technique they’ve been practicing all together while they execute the stride? It can be a little bit overwhelming.

That’s why I love the Flamingo drill. It’s fun, and simplifies the stride, making it much easier to learn the proper sequence of movement to maximize pitching power.

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Flamingo Drill

Flamingo Drill

Start off, posing, like a flamingo. By that I mean standing on your non glove side foot, with the other raised off the ground.

Now your going to rock your free foot to generate a little bit of forward motion, and then drive off with your back foot, pushing out to your target.

As you rock your free leg forward, bring your glove and knee up together, creating some forward momentum. Now as you continute to bring your glove forward begin to rotate it out and back towards you. As your arms extend do the same with your legs, pushing with the back and reaching out with the front.

Separate your hands, going one full rotation before getting up to the 12 and 3 o’clock position with your arms. Now let her rip, firing the pitching straight down the line at your target. You’re aiming for a stride distance somewhere between 6-6 ½ feet, from your push-off foot to your plant foot as it goes forward.

Remember to focus on keeping everything on one straight line towards your target all the way through the motion. This drill should be performed for three to five minutes or 25 reps.

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