Softball Fielding and Transitioning to the Throw

The athletic position of the body plays a big role in quick transitions to your throw. In today’s video blog post, we are discussing softball fielding and how to quickly and efficiently transition from fielding the ball to throwing.   We are also demonstrating a fantastic conditioning drill that really works the proper mechanics of the transition into your players.

How To Transition to the Throw:

With the glove foot slightly forward, field the ball out in front with both hands. When you get ready to go into your throwing position, don’t break away because that opens up the shoulder.

When you are getting ready to go into transition, the only thing that is happens is that your feet switch, and the right foot is going to land and plant where the left foot was, and your left foot is now towards your throwing target.

When you land, you should be in a good, low stance with a bend in the knees. Don’t stand up — that takes time! Even as you transition to your throw, stay low and imagine a roof above your head that you have to stay under. You will be quicker in that athletic position and can make that throw.

You also want to be sure that you are completely closed to your target. If you are closed to your target, you then have good athletic position to be able to do a wrist snap and throw.

Be sure to check out the softball fielding drill in the video above, and you will definitely want to use it in your next practice!


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