Body Blow


Players work on getting their body in front of the ball, and then picking up the ball and following through to make a good play, learning not to rush the process.

Set up

- Place players in the field

- Give them a ball to place on the ground in front of them

- Their feet should be about shoulder width apart in the ready position


1.  All the players are in the ready position with a ball in front of them.

2.  When the coach says go, they will pick up their ball and ‘gently’ toss it so it bounces off their chest and hits the ground.

3.  They must then quickly pick up the ball and go into a throwing position.

4.  No need for them to actually throw the ball. Just place it back down and start again.

Coaching Tips

Fielders need to be in ready position on the balls of their feet ready to move.
They need quick and through reactions to the balls bouncing off their chest.
They need to pounce quickly and then get into the throwing position as soon as possible.

Make It Easier

They do not need to throw the ball once they pick it up.

Make It Harder

They should throw the ball home to the fence once they pick it up.