Rhythm doesn’t just happen – it has to be created. Rhythm and sequence must be practiced every day so that it becomes a smooth, automatic process. Muscle memory is the same thing. In order to create muscle memory, your visual system has to be in sync with the physical movements of your body.

Softball Hitting: Rhythm and Muscle Memory

When you are thinking about rhythm, you first have to consider what you want to accomplish as a softball hitter. Once you have established this, you can begin working on creating a flowing sequence in your hitting mechanics. You do this by looking at visual cues off the pitcher, and use these cues to curate and maintain your rhythm.

As you practice, your body will make adaptations every day — some good, some bad. It’s important for players to constantly take a good look at their swing if they want the right adaptions to occur each day. If you really focus on creating your swing and letting it flow from start to finish, each and every day, you will see your softball hitting game transform.


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