These ideas on [tag]softball team drills[/tag] come courtesy of John and Eugene.   Give them a try at your next practice!Softball Team Drills

From John…

One [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] I really like which gets a lot of kids involved works like this.
The object is to run around the bases starting at 1st before the infield can throw around the bases.   There is a catcher, 1b, 2b, ss, and 3b.  
Runner starts   on 1st. [tag]Coach[/tag] hits a grounder to 2b and the runner starts running.   2b throws to 3b, 3b throws to 1b, 1b throws to ss and ss throws to c trying to get the runner. Then another runner can start again.

From Eugene

Box Drill
Tape a box, like the old strikezone box you would put on the brick wall in school, across the gym.

Throw pop flies or grounders to your players and have them aim for the box for [tag]accuracy[/tag].   You can do it in single file one at a time or what we do is have the same player receive 5 in a row running around the gym and keep a count for how many hits in the box.  

Make it a contest and the kids love it.   (This can be used for softball and for baseball.)