Special thanks to Todd for sending this one in.   If you’ve every struggled with [tag]softball team drills[/tag], you MUST try this out!Softball Team Drills

One of the drills we do is for [tag]conditioning[/tag] as well as fundamentals. It is fun, so the girls forget they are conditioning.

Form a circle with all players, but one starts in the middle. We call this the circle drill.

One girl on the outside of circle rolls the ball to player in the middle. She receives the ball using P.F.P.(perfect fielding position) then throws the ball backhand side, one hop, this player rolls back to middle. Every player is following their throw or roll-sprinting! Once circle is completed clock wise, switch directions and go counter clockwise.
This allows all players to receive the ball in the middle, working on backhands and conditioning. Great [tag]softball[/tag] warm up [tag]drill[/tag]–players will get aggravated at first, but once they get the hang of it, it works well.