Try these [tag]softball team warm up drills[/tag]. We call this [tag]softball drill[/tag] the Fire House Warm Up drill.   It is great for both quickly throwing, catching/receiving & running and works best with about 10 players.

Start by putting two players on the pitcher’s mound (#1 & #2).   Evenly distribute the remaining players at each of the 4 bases.   Have them form a line behind the first player at the base who is getting ready to receive a ball from the mound.

Start the [tag]softball[/tag] with player #1 on the mound.   Have player #1 on the mound throw the ball to the first person in line at any base.   Player #1 from the mound immediately runs to the end of the line at that base to which they just threw the ball.   The person who received the ball then immediately throws the ball back to the second player standing at the mound (now #1).   The player who just threw the ball back to the mound now races to the mound and gets ready to receive a ball next.

The now first player at the mound quickly throws the ball to a different base and runs to get in line at the base they just threw it to. The cycle continues quickly with throwing, catching & running.