This drill can also be used for your [tag]softball team warm-up drills[/tag] before a game if you want to get loose and impress your opponents. We start most of our fielding practices with this one and it gets everyone involved.

This [tag]softball drill[/tag] involves throwing, catching, running, turning in the right direction and teamwork.

Divide the team into 5 groups and station a group at each base and one (A) in foul territory between home and third base. The coach is stationed near home on the 3rd base side and in foul territory.

The first player in group A goes quickly to the center of the infield facing the coach. The [tag]softball coach[/tag] hits her a ground ball that she fields. Upon fielding the ball, the player turns toward her glove side and throws the ball quickly to the first person in line at second base. She then runs to the end of the line at second.

The player at second catches the ball and throws it home and then runs to the end of the line at home plate. The player at home catches the ball and throws   it to third. She again follows the ball and runs to third. The player at third catches the ball and throws to first where the process is repeated and the player at first throws to group A.

Once this is completed, the process is started again without slowing down. There should be constant movement and no hesitation. If the [tag]softball[/tag] is not fielded by group A, the coach hits another ball to start the process. If the player at any base cannot catch the ball thrown to her there should be another teammate backing her up to keep the process going.

Once you go through the process and the first person who fielded the ball from group A is back at the center the drill is over. To make it interesting have the players count the number of successfully completed throws and make it a game to beat the last highest number.