One of the common [tag]softball[/tag] throw out plays that needs to be made if from right field to third base.   A runner on first base will try to beat the tag.

Softball throw out playWhat you need — You will need a full infield, along with a [tag]right fielder[/tag], a runner and the softball coach will be hitting.   The diagram below will show you how this drill is going to work.

How this drill works — The coach will start off by hitting the ball to the right fielder.   Once the ball is hit, the runner (R) will being running to second base and then to third base.  

The right fielder will hit the cut off man (second baseman) and then the second baseman will throw to third.   Accurate throws are important, and the tag made on third base is also important.   It should come in low and in front of the bag.

For this drill, pit the runners against the fielders.   Each side gets a point if they are successful.   The runners get one point if safe, and the fielders get one if they put the person out.

Result — Players are going to understand the importance of cutting off the throw, and making accurate throws to the third base.