I’m often asked for advice on [tag]softball throwing and catching drills[/tag]. Here’s a [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] from Rick that will pay huge dividends with your team.Softball Throwing and Catching Drills

From Rick…
Quick feet and alignment drill for [tag]catchers[/tag] throwing to second base.
To begin, have your [tag]catcher[/tag] line up straddling a foul line by first or third base, facing the outfield wall.

The drill–
Have each of them practice their jump pivot [tag]footwork[/tag] and [tag]throwing[/tag] motions down the foul line. This can also be done [tag]indoors[/tag] along a painted line or a seam in the carpet.
The catcher should start from their “Runners On” stance and simulate receiving a [tag]pitch[/tag] right down the middle of the foul line. They should begin their jump pivot footwork, making sure that when they do the jump pivot that their right foot lands directly on the foul line followed quickly by their left foot. This will train their feet to get properly aligned toward second base and will help them make more accurate throws. They can visualize throwing the ball right down the foul line accurately to second as they do this [tag]shadow box drill[/tag], or you can actually have them throw to a [tag]fielder[/tag] stationed the proper distance away, if you have the room.

To practice throwing to second base on a tough inside pitch, which I feel is the most difficult throw for a catcher, have the catchers switch from straddling the line to standing with just their left foot on the line. Have them simulate receiving a pitch coming down the line. They should then be able to complete their jump pivot with their feet landing on the foul line again.

This drill will help catchers stay properly aligned to their target with their center of gravity and power base underneath them, which makes for a lot stronger, quicker and more accurate throw.