This [tag]softball throwing drill[/tag] reinforces the need for quality throws in the infield.

What you need — Put an entire infield together, along with an outfield.   The outfield will ask for support rather than being completely involved in the star. You will also need a base runner.   The diagram below will help describe how this drill works.

Softball Throwing Drill

How this drill works — The [tag]softball[/tag] coach will hit the ball to the second baseman (blue), who will then throw it to the third baseman, then the first baseman, then the shortstop, who then throws it home.  

There is a runner (red) that starts at first base and runs when the ball is first hit by the coach.   The runner continues to run while this star drill is going on.   The ball must get to all positions in the star before the runner gets to home plate.

This drill stresses the importance of good quality throws to each position, under the pressure of beating the runner.   The outfielders will come into play when a ball is overthrown or missed by the infielder.

Result — Your softball players should easily be able to beat the runner to home plate with the right throws and without making any errors.