I call these [tag]softball throwing drills[/tag] the 20 Minute Special. It is a fast paced [tag]softball drill[/tag] to let players get a lot of reps in a short time.

Start with 2 players at every position.   You need 2 coaches hitting balls and 1 catcher for each [tag]softball coach[/tag]. The coach is positioned on each side of home plate.
Equipment needed: bucket of balls, 2 coaches, 2 players at every position, The players catch on quick and need a break after 10-15 mins of nonstop ground balls.

1. Coach on left hits the [tag]softball[/tag] to SS.   SS then throws to 2nd base and 2nd base throws back to catcher.   The other coach (Right) at the same time hits to 3rd base and she throws to 1st.   1st base throws back catcher. The players rotate as soon as the ball is thrown. The coach hits the ball immediately after catch to player 2.   If the player misses the ball they let it go and continues.   You can make a contest to see who has the least amount of balls overthrown. (3-5mins)
2. Coach(L) hits to 2nd base, she throws to SS then SS throws home.   Coach(r) hits ball to 1st base, she throws to 3rd base, then back home.(3-5min)
3. Coach (L) hits to ss, she throws to 1st base. Coach (R) hits to 2nd base, she throws to 3rd base then back to catcher.(3-5min)
4. coach (L) hits to SS, she throws to 3rd base. Coach(R) hits to 2nd base she throws to 1st base then back to home. (3-5min)

Total time for this drill is 12-20 min.