One thing I have found is with the fielders–outfield or infield, young or older–is when throwing in the [tag]softball[/tag] from the field, they’re not sure where the ball is going. SO, I have come up with these [tag]softball throwing drills[/tag].

1) I, or another [tag]softball coach[/tag], hit or throw the softball to them.
2) Set up a large trash can to throw the ball back to.
3) The goal is to throw the ball into the can while the can is lying down on its side.   To make this [tag]softball drill[/tag] more difficult you can start using smaller cans as they get better.

Make a game out of it and the players like the sound of the ball hitting inside the can.   They are always “awing” and “oohing” each other!   It makes them focus on throwing the ball straight and to the object they are throwing at.   Works great.