One of my team’s favorite [tag]softball throwing drills[/tag] is called “Stick It”.   We do it at the beginning of [tag]softball practice[/tag] after we have warmed up and thrown. It is best to only do it once or twice a week because it can be taxing on the arm, but you’ll find your girls begging to do it everyday.

Whoever each girl threw with in warm ups is their partner for “Stick It”.
The object of this is to make accurate, catchable throws.
The balls start on one side, and all partner teams throw at the same time.   The [tag]softball[/tag] must be thrown and caught by each partner.

The catch is, when you catch the ball, you have to have one foot stuck to the ground at all times.   The person catching can choose which foot. So, you can’t jump to catch the ball or move the foot that is stuck. If you do, your team is out.   After throws are made, one side of the girls moves back and you throw again.   That same side continues to move back until someone wins.

When throwing, you can move both feet, crow hop, etc, do whatever you need to do to make an accurate throw, but the receiver may not move that one foot when catching the ball.   If they don’t catch the ball, but it lands close enough for them to reach for it without moving that foot, we count that.   This [tag]softball drill[/tag] makes for some funny times!