I’m often asked for suggestions for [tag]softball throwing drills[/tag]. Here’s a simple [tag]softball coaching tip[/tag] that will pay huge dividends with your team.Softball Throwing Drills - The Pickle Drill

From Jimmy…
Here is a [tag]softball drill[/tag] I do at   practice.   We do a pickle drill every [tag]softball practice[/tag].

I split the team and make half go to 2nd base and half go to 1st base.   I give one [tag]softball[/tag] to the first player at first and that player will run toward 2B full speed and throw the ball to a player on 2B when they get half way.   I will usually stand at the half way point.   The player on second catches the ball and runs toward 1B full speed and throws it when half way.   The players catching the ball must stay on the base until they catch it then take off running.   After they throw it they go the end of the line at the base they were running towards.

We go through this a few times with no errors.   The throw needs to be shoulder high so easy to catch.   I make them run with the ball up by their ear ready to throw.   I think this gets them used to throwing on the run and catching the ball in a pickle.