Randy sent this one to me last week.   A great example of [tag]softball throwing driils[/tag] that don’t require a coaching PhD to figure out.Softball Throwing Drills

A [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that I use for my players that don’t throw the ball 3/4 arm slot or have their elbows too low :
1-Have a player and a partner sit indian-style about 10-15 feet away, toss the ball to their partner keeping their elbow up and when ball is released, right hand should be at left knee on grass. repeat at least 10 -15 times or until done satisfactory.   Stress throwing “over-the-top”.
2-Next, players increase distance 5 ft., kneel on right knee, and toss to partner. Throwing hand to touch opposite knee. Repeat 10-15 times or until players are improved or repeating drill efficiently.
3-Finally, players spread out another 5 ft. and on both feet. Ball is tossed between players at a normal warm-up drill, ensuring elbow is at correct height and angle.

This drill is really productive for 1st year players. They don’t acquire bad habits dropping down or throwing sidearm.