Softball is a sport that you cannot survive in if you’re not good at [tag]throwing[/tag].   This is an essential skill for the game.   Some people are under the impression that only a pitcher needs to know how to throw.   It is vital that you make sure that your entire team gets practice throwing.   You need to load your practices with lots of [tag]softball[/tag] throwing [tag]drills[/tag].Softball Throwing Drills

One very successful softball throwing drill is called the Triangle Drill.   Divide the team into three groups.   Group one will stand between 1st base and 2nd base, group two will stand at short stop, and group three will stand at home plate.   You, the assistant [tag]coach[/tag] and a [tag]catcher[/tag] should stand to the side of home plate.   You should hit the ball to group one.   Someone in group one should catch the ball and throw it to group two as their group runs to group two’s position.   The catcher in group two should throw to home plate while group two runs to that position.   Basically, the team will be practicing their throwing skills as they rotate positions.

Another softball throwing [tag]drill[/tag] is Long Ball and it helps to develop arm strength and to improve the distance of throws.   The team should partner up and line up about ten feet from one another. Instruct the pair to toss the ball back and forth; when both players successfully throw and catch the ball, they should take two steps back.   Have them continue to do this, gradually getting far enough so that they can practice fast overhand throwing.   Stop the drill when the 1st pair gets far enough from one another that their throws no longer reach the other.   Before starting the drill, emphasize on position and on stance; also, the form of the throw is very important.   Display high elbow above your shoulder, palm down, and snap wrist on the follow through.

This next softball throwing drill is a game called Hit the Bucket.   Hit the Bucket will increase throwing accuracy and it’ll also help with footwork in the infield.   Divide the team into two groups. Position half at short stop and half at second base.   At home plate, put two bins down, stacked on top of each other.   Mark a point where the girls should stand until the ball is tossed to them.   The groups will alternate by fielding the balls thrown to them and then throwing it at the bins.   If the ball hits the top bin on a bounce, the team gets one point.   If the ball hits the top bin without a bounce, the team gets two points.   Instruct the players to throw the ball at full speed.   The 1st team to ten points wins.   You can make the losing team run a couple of laps to make the game more interesting.

You should do multiple softball throwing drills at each practice to make sure that every player is comfortable with their throws.   It is always a good idea to combine throwing, catching and running in one drill for better conditioning.   Having a good arm is necessary for players in every position, even if pitching is not their focus.