Here are two simple [tag]softball throwing tips[/tag] sent in by Rodney and Keith that will pay huge dividends with your team.
Softball Throwing Tips
From Rodney…

The [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] my team likes is the one where you line 6 cones up on first base line and 6 cones up on the third base line about 5 to 8 feet apart.

Have the girls get in two lines (one on each base path) and [tag]throw[/tag] to each other. If they both catch it, they move to the next set of cones a little further apart and so on until they reach the end. If either of the girls misses the ball,   they both go to the back of the line.

My 7 & 8 years olds beg me to do this drill every [tag]practice[/tag].

From Keith…

Just for fun. This one I do after a really good practice just to end the day.

Put all players in outfield left, center, then right, hit pop fly’s to them and see if they can throw the back into my ball which is on its side at home plate.