I got the inspiration for this coaching tip from Deanna.   It includes some fresh ideas on [tag]softball tips and drills[/tag].   Try them out and let me know what you think!Softball Tips and Drills

I know with some of my girls, they do not like to run, but I have a couple of [tag]drills[/tag] that they actually ask to do at the end of practice which is about running.

1.     The girls love to play a couple of innings of backwards ball.   The girls play ball and hit but in this case when they run to the base, it will be 3rd base.   It goes 3rd to 2nd to 1st and then home.   It is a blast to watch them, they have fun doing it and they really have to learn to pay attention, even with defense, they really need to think, it is normal to throw to 1st, but now they have to throw to 3rd.   And they really need to think about where the runners are at on base.   It’s a fun little game.
2.   Split the [tag]softball[/tag] team into two groups.   One group takes first base side and the other third base side.   They take turns running around the bases, each team member must touch the hand of the next runner before she leaves her base.   The first group to get all their girls around the bases wins, and therefore does not have to pick up any equipment, they get to leave while the rest clean up.