I tried these [tag]softball tips[/tag] that Moncallo sent to me and suggested I give a try.   Very creative and they keep practice fun and effective–just what we are always searching for.Softball Tips

From Moncallo…

Two [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] that have worked for me and my team are as follows.
1.     Take a bucket and lay it on the ground and simulate [tag]outfielders[/tag] going threw with ground balls and fly balls.   Working on crow hop over the bucket.   Works on extension on [tag]throwing[/tag] from the [tag]outfield[/tag].

2.     [tag]Running[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] eight positions on the diamond. One player at first one player half to first and so on.   Call out different things for each position to run.

Here are examples for all eight positions:
Home plate form your angle out of the box for sure double.
Next position would be base hit to right field.
Next would be delay steal.
Next would be pop-up slide.
Next would be steal of third.
Next would be head first slide at third.
Next contact to tag up at third base.
Next would to score.
Next [tag]runner[/tag] pick up the bat and say up up as he cross the plate.