I received this suggestion on [tag]softball training aids[/tag] from Tim, one of my subscribers.   Easy to make and you’ll see immediate improvement!Softball Training Aids

I use this to correct young [tag]softball hitters[/tag] from non-linear foot movement during their stride.

I have a “balance beam” like stand built using 1 2x6x4′ with 2 2x4x1′ attached cross-ways about 6″ from each end.   All boards are laying flat.

Have the batter stand with their heels slightly hanging off the back.   This forces the batter to stay on the balls of their feet while in a correct batting stance as well as staying balanced during the stride and contact points.

The beam forces them to have a balanced and straight stride.   If they step back or loose their balance during this [tag]softball drill[/tag] they fall off the beam.

For my 5& 6 [tag]softball[/tag] players I start off with the 2×6 flat on the ground and work up to the beam about 3″ off the ground.   I use with soft toss, bat action or tee drills.