Corey and Jose sent me these great suggestions on drills for [tag]softball training[/tag]. Try these [tag]drills[/tag] to improve your team’s [tag]throwing[/tag] accuracy and [tag]hand eye coordination[/tag]. Keep ‘em coming!Softball Training

From Corey…
I have one for [tag]softball[/tag] that works on the girls’ [tag]throwing motion[/tag], accuracy, and form:
The Black Tape Drill (with a partner)
Take a piece of electric tape and tape one strip all the way around the softball.
Have the girls kneel on the knee of their throwing arm, facing their target.
When they start the [tag]drill[/tag], they put their thumb and middle finger along the tape.
The ball faces away from the target, while the glove points to the target.(like showing their wing span)
They throw from one knee, concentrating on trying to have the tape spin straight. If they [tag]throw[/tag] it correctly, they should see the strip of tape the entire way to their target….not a black blurr.

From Jose…
One of the drills I work with my softball team is a basic drill that involves 2 players. We call this toss-up.

I have the players face each other.   I then have them stand about eight feet apart. One player will turn and face away, the other player will hold the softball and toss it high in the air. Once the ball is in the air,the player that tossed the ball tells the other player to turn around. The player turns around and begins to look in the air for the ball.

This drill has improved my players with hand eye coordination and [tag]catching[/tag] the ball.