Chris from Iowa sent in a request for more  [tag]softball training drills[/tag]  he could use with his team.   Here’s one sent to me from John.   Softball Training Drills

A [tag]drill[/tag] that we run frequently is a base running drill.It is designed to teach the runners to be aggressive on pitches that the catcher has to block or has trouble handling.
We place a runner on first and second. We have a coach throwing pitches and our catcher in all of their gear.
The runners take there leads and react according to how the pitch is thrown. If a catcher has to go to his knees to block the pitch the runner on first advances automatically to second without hesitation. The runner on second sees where the ball is at and then makes a decision to go or not.
The runners are taught to time there secondary lead in such a way as they are moving toward the next base when the catcher receives the pitch. If the catcher receives the pitch cleanly, the runners have plenty of time to return to the base. By timing there lead, this makes sure the runners do not have to stop and then start again should it be a passed ball or a blocked ball.

This [tag]softball[/tag] drill has allowed us to move base runners into scoring position and to score more runs.