Take a look at this submission from Brett.   Two great examples of [tag]softball training drills[/tag] that will work well with your youth teams.Softball Training Drills

From Bret…
A tip for the little ones.

When kids first learn [tag]softball[/tag] they have a hard time [tag]catching[/tag] balls with their non dominate hand.   I developed a [tag]drill[/tag] where you put the kids on their knees, have them place their dominate hand under their bottom so they are sitting on it, holding it in place.   Have them place their non dominate hand up in position, no glove and [tag]throw[/tag] them rolled up socks.   It helps them track the ball and squeeze the sock.   Eventually move up to tennis balls then put the glove on and move to softballs.

Also here is a game I like to play with the bigger kids.

Its called 0-2

I send live [tag]batters[/tag] in the box with an 0-2 count.   With two strikes on them they step in with the mind set that they must protect, you will find them swinging more aggressively.
If you find the kids are not aggressive at the plate and watching too many good pitches go by, this game helps place them in the right mind set.