I’m often asked for ideas for [tag]softball warm-up drills[/tag].   Here’s a simple but fast-paced drill that will pay huge dividends with your team.Softball Warm-Up Drills

Warm-up Practice drill–
This [tag]softball drill[/tag] involves fielding grounders, throwing, running, catching pop-ups and balls over their head in a fast moving drill.

Girls line up in front of the [tag]softball coach[/tag] (about 20-30 feet in front). Coach throws a hard grounder which the player fields and then makes a good strong throw back to the coach. The girl then runs toward the coach, circles around behind the coach and heads back toward the end of the player line.

During this time the coach tosses a pop up that the girl must make the play on, either by stopping and catching it or catching it over their shoulder while still running. Girls need to be running hard the entire time of this [tag]softball[/tag] drill.